Cool gifts for guys


1. Levitating Speaker


Yes its floating, No you are not tripping ( Or mabye you are, I dont know! ) this speaker is something truly out of this world.


2. Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth 4.0 Smart LED Speaker


This Bluetooth speaker with a screen can display the time or you can create your own designs via your mobile phone. Use it as an alarm clock, a speaker or as a screen. This is one of the coolest products we have seen lately.


3. Eterbiz LED Flame Effect Table Lamp


Comes in 2 styles, its ideal to set the mood in a small room. Some would consider it a little bit romantic.


4. Mario Desk Lamp


This Nintendo Official Mario desk lamp makes a beeping sound when you turn on it. You know which sound im talking about, the one where you get a coin when you hit it with your head. Dont worry, you can turn it off using the switch at the bottom and have it as a very cool desk lamp.



5. Skull Wireless Speaker


A unique way to listen to music, thats for sure. This Skull wireless speaker packs some bass.


6. Retro Bluetooth Speaker


A bit of nostalgia combined with modern technology, listen to music or display whatever you choose in the LED screen.



7. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable


For vintage lovers, this inexpensive turntable is ideal to add some class to your music.


8.Anker Wireless Charger


Just place your cellphone on it, thats it, no cables, no trying to find the port, no reaching under your bed. 



9.Twelve South Book Cable Organizer


Looks like a book when closed, its a cable organizer on the inside. This ideal for travelers.



10. Clock Fan


This the most unique way we have seen to display the time. What you are seeing is a fan with an LED light that displays the time. The cable is adjustable, you can place it in any direction you want.

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